Monday, January 5, 2009

Jumpin' 0n the Bandwagon

I realize it is pretty cliche to post a New Year's Resolution Entry. But, I'm still comfortable with stating the obvious, so here we go...

I really did not even consider making any resolutions until this past weekend. Steve and I made a quick trip to Fort Wayne with some friends for an amazing (Non)conference on missional communities (more about that later). On the drive home, we began talking about resolutions. For me, once this holiday season got going, and the girls were out of school, I didn't spend much time thinking beyond the present. Usually I spend some time reflection on the year, looking ahead to the next..nope, none of that...

So last night I had this urge to clean out my night stand. As I worked, I kept a notebook nearby, so I could jot down any 'resolution-type' thoughts I might have. It's in rough form, but here's what I came up with:
1. Find opportunities to purge the excess.
2. Focus on what's real.
3. Incorporate small choices/changes.
4. Seek simple and significant memories.
5. In the speed of the moment, don't overlook something important (I almost threw away a whole set of calligraphy pens mistaking it for trash...).
6. Take the steps that PROVE I am not willing to let life pass me by.
7. Make play a priority.
8. Get to know God just for the sake of knowing God.

Happy New Year to you! I trust you'll find some time this month to take what you need from 2008, and look ahead to what 2009 has to offer. I appreciated what Bill had to say in the gatherings this past weekend. None of us know what 2009 has in store - surely it will be a mix of highs and lo's. But we know who goes before us. We know our strength lies in Jesus. He is who is creating us.

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