Friday, December 19, 2008

This Weekend

I want to share a little with you about the growing generosity I see around New Hope. One of the things we've tried to do is avoid pressuring people to do things a certain way. We believe that when it comes to giving, God - who is eternally creative - will help people find their role. So, while we've talked about Advent Conspiracy and our desire to make a difference this holiday, we have in no way dictated what people SHOULD do.

It has been such a blessing to see all the different ways people are giving - of their money & time. You can check out the tree (beautifully painted by Tammi Johnson) this weekend to see what all New Hopers are involved in.

One instance in particular has stuck with me all week. Last Saturday while I was at a basketball game, a woman shared about her friend who is really struggling financially this season. I left the game and 20 minutes later was at New Hope for the gathering. When I got there, a couple came up to me and asked me if I knew of anyone who could use their financial help this year. Within the space of 30 minutes, the need was met. And that's just one example of what God is doing. What a blessing!

So...this weekend, we'll take a special offering that will help build wells to provide one of the very basics of life. The statistics are not good, but people ARE making a difference. You can check out more on the effort here.

We have the opportunity to to love as Christ loves - in a very tangible way. I encourage you - as always - to follow God's lead in this. He will let you know.

Advent Action: Cultivate a spirit of openness in your own heart. Ask God where he is working that you can be a part and take action.

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