Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's Where I am Today

I had a friend ask me how in the world one can have peace in such a crazy time of year. Good question! About three weeks before Christmas, my Sister-in-law begins waking up wide away before 5.30 thinking of all that needs done. Another friend will be moving nonstop from now through New Year's as she welcomes family from far away. This can be a crazy time!

I've finally started to actually FEEL the anticipation today. There IS something to this time of year. And I almost think some of the craziness is part of it. It's almost like on Christmas Eve, we stop, inhale, and remember what this amazing time of year is all about.

It's hard for me to navigate through the true meaning of this season and the commercialism of it all. I feel a little like I'm taking it a step at a time. I know that relationships are key - our relationship with Jesus and our relationship with those around us. My focus this season has become my family. Throughout much of this year, they have kind of gotten the shaft. I'm trying to take this time to learn to focus on them in a more consistent way.

Today Paige and I will wrap presents together. She has been DYING to start wrapping. I can't wait either - just to spend the time together. Then tonight my dad and I will take our annual stocking-shopping trip - stuff for 28 stockings - talk about crazy. I can't remember when we started it, but it's a tradition I look forward to every year.

Advent Action: Think of one person who could really use a visit, call or card from you and take time to make contact.

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