Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today at New Hope we finished up a sermon series that leads us into the Advent Season. We've been tracking the journey of the Israelites - out of Egypt, Sinai, Jerusalem, then Babylon. As we ended today's gathering we left the Israelites along the river, again crying out to God for help.

Over the course of the weekend, I talked to a number of people who are dealing with situations in their lives. Some have to do with life changes, some are too painful to mention, some are "everything and nothing." Isn't that like life? On the one hand, it makes me sad to walk through the crap of life with friends; on the other hand, it makes me hopeful that this could be a time when we see Christ break in in amazing ways.

Personally, I feel the tug of Advent like never before. I have a desire to be quiet and let God break in and do what he does. But I know how I am...I drift. I have intentions of seeking God, but then I sleep in or overschedule myself, name it, I do it.

This year, in attempt to keep a proper perspective, I have decided to participate in the reading the lectionary. The lectionary is a basically a three year Bible reading plan that can be joined at any time. You can find out more here. At that same site, you can also subscribe in a reader, have the scriptures emailed to you daily, or post them on your blog.

God's word, as close as our fingertips, pretty cool. Oh, yea, you can also just pick up your Bible and read them (We'll have the scriptures posted in New Hope's bulletin) - whatever works for you.


Erica said...

I'm always looking for a way to get more "into" reading my Bible. I think this will be great! I can't wait to get started. Thanks!

vic said...

I'm glad you're joining me:) I always learn more when I do things simultaneously with others. I look forward to it too!