Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Austins

If you don't know who Jon & Angela Austin are, let me just give you the brief lowdown. They lead worship most Sundays at New Hope. They moved here months ago thinking that they would only be here temporarily, but so far God seems to be keeping them here. They hear the cry of the hurting - especially the cries in Youngstown and Africa.

Rather than jump to the next place, they've decided to stay and grow where God has planted them. God led them to the Kingdom Meal Ministry and they have grown to love and develop friendships with many of the people who come there to receive food.

That brings us to Thanksgiving. Jon & Ang felt led to invite their new friends to have dinner with them on Thanksgiving. Because they knew it could potentially be a larger group, they plan to have the meal at New Hope. Including some New Hopers who are planning to be a part, they already have 35 or so people planning to come. They had an unbelievable response of 27 RSVP's at Kingdom Meal yesterday.

I'd like to ask you to pray for this time. May it be a time where God's grace and peace flows. Also, if you feel led in anyway to help out, I'm sure they would appreciate the help. And if you don't have plans that are set in stone, you are also welcome to come. You can email Ang at

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