Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jesus the Boundary Crosser

What does it mean to come?
Do I make it harder than it is?
Do I keep myself from coming?

Drink the truth.
Dependent on the giver not the receiver.

Wash away the muck.
Cleanse inside and out.
Fresh, new, clean.

Weary, heat of the day.
Unrest, something is not right.
She knew immediately that he was a Jew.
God crosses the boundaries to redeem.

Adam, the aloneness is not good.
Humanity should not be alone.
Jesus alone at the well.
The Samaritan woman alone at the well.

Spirit is everywhere. Truth is hands.
What is broken in the community?
The community misses the reality.
He comes "I, the one speaking to you, I am he."

Individuals alone.
Faces, but no connections.
Someone to relate.
Someone to communion with.

At the well with this stranger.
The stranger knows the brokenness.
He knows the deeper need.
Relentless pursuit.

Spirit and truth.
Mystery and integrity.
Heart and Hands.
Being and doing.

She leaves her water jug.
She leaves the brokenness.
She leaves the wounds.
The living water bubbles up.

Into the heart of the community.
From outcast to witness.
Disgrace to respect.
Given a place of value.

Heaven touches earth.
Living water.
Healing community.
Moving, being, doing, flowing, restoring, redeeming.

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ChelChel said...

But what is community? I am kidding Vic... This is lovely and I can feel a lot of what you are saying. I think the connection that I had with the woman at the well is that I can relate to not feeling like I was worthy of entering into the community back when I was a single Mom, I felt the whispers the stares , and always feeling unclean, only through him can that unclean feeling be washed away. It takes a lot of time if we don't allow him to give us the living water. Over the years "he" tried to speak to me through other people, and like his encounter with the well woman, when he said " If you knew who was speaking to you..." Too many times we don't allow ourselves to recognize when he is speaking to us, through others . I am continuing to try to do that.