Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Haves and Have Nots

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men. ”
- Herman Melville (1819-1891)
novelist, poet

Here is what I am struggling with today...I helped someone out last week. It was no big deal, really, it wasn't...but to her it was a HUGE deal. She continues to thank me. I feel uncomfortable. I finally said to her, "listen, sometimes I struggle and someone helps me out. It just so happens that I am able to help you out right now. You'd do the same for me."

By 'institutionalizing' social organizations, have we created more of a wall between the "haves and have nots?" Aren't we all "have nots" in some ways? If we are all simply God's children, then why are we not all living together, sharing what we have and making sure that no one goes without?

What do you think?


Seeking More said...

Tough Tuesday morning question. I think that all people "have" and all people "have not". I also think that everything that we do have, is not ours, but His. He gave it to us with a lot of strings attached. Everything that we do not have is also from Him, but those strings are attached to our neighbor..... We DO have the choice of what to do with our "haves", tho, which is the draw back. I am not only talking about money. I am talking about all gifts from God. Some people are great listeners. Pair that with someone who is in need of someone to listen. Someone might be gifted in teaching, and pair that with someone who craves to learn....and so on and so on. In a perfect world, we would see all of the needs of the people around us, and fill what we can fill. Perfect clockwork design.

Maybe then, at that point, people would not be so surprised by our kindness (like your friend) and so feel the need to overthank, because it would be in all of our hearts to be giving. I don't know. Do I make ANY sense, or do I need more coffee????

vic said...

Seeking More,
Good point: what we 'have' is not really ours, is it?

I wonder how an environment is created where the clock like that could run?

PRS & ALS said...

Amy Said...

Good Questions and thoughts, Vic. I like the idea of not institutionaling compassion, not waiting for the organized church or faith-based agency to do something and we just jump on their bandwagon. Sure, some things are done more effectively with the support of an organization. But too many of us wait for someone else to make the first move. As followers of Jesus we can count on God to prompt us into being involved in people's lives and all we need to do is respond.

Seeking More said...

I think that environment just has to begin. It just has to start with someone. I pray that we can all be that starting point. And then, that it would spread like wildfire!!! Changing all of our hearts! Like Amy said, God has the answers. He puts, in us, our heart. If we can feel and focus on where he draws our hearts, we will find the answers. And Vic, I was so happy to hear your voice on my machine last night! Call me when you can (soon)!