Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living Wall

This is CRAZY! You can check out this HUGE living wall in Pittsburgh at the PNC building.The 2,380 sq foot living wall is soil based and includes many regional plants, all acquired locally within 500 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. It's made up of 602 2×2 ft square panels of life.

And it's not just for show. It was designed for beauty as well as energy reduction. As of September 23, the panels reduced the temperature of the building, with preliminary studies showing that the wall behind the panels is 25% cooler than ambient temperatures.

Just goes to show that sometimes you have to look beyond what you've always known to get the job done....of course this makes me think of the New Hope community. What are the aspects of friendship that we need to take another look - or a 'new' look at to allow God to create the community HE sees? Where is God doing a new thing? How can we be a part?

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Chel said...

This is sooooo sweet! I love the entire concept and the astetics are beautiful! Hey! When did you sneak away to P-to the Burgh?