Monday, July 13, 2009

Hope Miller

Grieving with some friends, celebrating with others...that's the stuff life is made of.

Today, New Hope is praying for Harold & Robyn Miller as they grieve Hope's passing. She was 33. It was unexpected. And it has jolted us. Tonight teens are gathered together remembering her - no doubt sharing great stories. Friends are taking meals and helping to plan her funeral celebration. It's all very surreal.

As I was driving this evening I was thinking of my friend, Hannah. She's 16 months old and she does NOT like to be left - especially when she is left by someone to whom she is very attached like her Momma. When Ang (the Momma) leaves her in the nursery at church, she cries loud cries with big, watery tears. Her world is coming to an end. She can't see beyond her immediate pain. She doesn't remember that in an hour she will be reunited with her beloved Momma. Her comprehension just isn't there yet.

So that made me think of us. We don't understand death. We don't like to be left. It causes the world as we know it to come to an end. We can't see beyond our pain. We struggle to remember that this life is NOT all there is and eventually we WILL all be reunited. Our comprehension just isn't there. The reality is there, though. Whether we can see it right now or not. We will be reunited. There will be a day when ALL is made right. And this life on earth will be a brief memory. With that reality of perfect reunion in the end and the reality of our pain flush against each other, we hope.

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*Austin Mommy* said...

This is a great image of being reunited.