Friday, December 5, 2008

I love Liz - Advent 6

My goal yesterday was to just to listen to God...

We had a disagreement. Actually, we disagreed from 2.45p to 4.45p. Sometimes I don't know how it happens. There is this girl that I love with the protective love only a mom possesses and yet there are times...

We were both in the wrong. We disagreed - loudly.

After she went to her room, I sat at the table. So much for sensing God's leading. I began to pray. Why can't following Christ be less messy? I guess because then we wouldn't need God.

Mysteriously God stepped in. Anger gone. Apologies made. Relationship mended.

I love my girl. And I am thankful that God is leading our lives.

Advent Action: It is said that the original Christmas tree grew out of an evergreen that was part of the setting for the medieval moraity plays acted out on the steps of churches. This tree was used to represent the garden of Eden. Consider creating a small tree on which you place apples (or their representation) to remind you of the failings you wish to avoid this Advent period. The apples, of course, stand for the fruit of the tree of good and evil with which Satan tempted Adam and Eve.

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