Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

As far as I can see (so far) this day is laid out for me. I met Kates for coffee this morning - so sad that we'll be going different directions on Christmas - but thankful for the time we do have.

And as soon as I can pull the girls out of bed (which will probably be around 10am), we'll start our fun day. I've decided to do some 'psuedo-baking' this year. There are all kinds of great recipes out there for puppy chow, chocolate covered popcorn (ok, I realize that one doesn't need a recipe...), sweet/chocolate covered crackers. Since I'm not much of an actual 'baker' I thought I'd try my hand at some other stuff. The main thing is that I wanted to carve out time with my girls. They're getting older, ya know. They are beginning to have their own lives apart from us.

Things have changed even since this photo was taken...Liz has started High School. Paige is in Junior High. I know I keep mentioning my girls...I guess maybe it is hitting me harder than ever that they are growing up. I'm not sad we're past the baby stage, but I do wish we could stay in this stage for a long, long time...

Advent Action: Think about your season of life. Maybe things are easy. Maybe things are harder than they've ever been. Open yourself up to see God in all of it. Where is he working? Leading? Comforting?

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Katie said...

Beautiful Girlies! Have fun baking today, I would join you if I could! I appreciate you and our times together. It is definitely a highlight of my week!