Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reflections on They Like Jesus, but Not the Church

My 12 year old daughter thought it was the best study we've ever done and she is going back through and reading the book. My 14 year old daughter felt like it was lacking because she feels like New Hope is so different from all other churches (and she couldn't get past Dan Kimball's hair).

For some of my friends it was an opportunity to look at how the church has oppressed women in the past and the impact that had. God is healing.

During this teaching series I also read a book called "The War of Art." I HIGHLY recommend the book - just may bring out the writer in you; however, it contains some 'spiritual' views to which I do not ascribe. I liked being open to a book that I do not 100% agree with. One of the things that struck me most about the teaching series is that it is our responsibility to figure out what we believe and why we believe it. The days of blind following are over. We are called to be thoughtful theologians.

Some New Hopers see that we - as a church - need to repent...Myself included. We need to own up to the narrow-mindedness that has divided people and learn to respect and love everyone - whether they challenge our belief system or not. God changes hearts. It is our job to love.

My hope is that the end of the teaching series is NOT the end of the conversation. As we talk & as we listen, we learn. I love learning with all of you.


ChelChel said...

I liked the series for a couple reasons. The main reason is we are promoting Love behavior ,rather than Hate behavior, which unfortunately the church across the board has sometimes been guilt of. Secondly, I think it is amazing, no matter what we think do or don't have figured out, that we are bringing up topics, that most churches will not touch with a ten foot pole! WE are willing to have conversation about these topics, that we maybe would have been afraid to in the past!
I agree with Lizzy a bit, the hair didn't bother me, but I maybe was a tiny bit distracted by the mannerisms...I love Dan Kimball, I am just an easily distracted person!

ChelChel said...

sorry about my grammar and spelling errors, I should proofread before I post...