Friday, September 19, 2008

Does the Church Opress Women?

This week we continue our "They like Jesus..." series. If you haven't had a chance to listen to last week's, you can listen here).

In my last post I shared how God is dealing with me in the areas of judgmentalism.

I am interested in what YOU think. Has God been speaking to you during this series? What have you found interesting? Strange? Challenging?

This week we ask the question: Is the Church Male-Dominated, does it Oppress Women?

'Should lead to interesting discussion. Please remember, it is not our goal to make identical robots out of each other. It is our goal to learn to communicate in meaningful ways, while ALWAYS loving and respecting one another.

See you this weekend!


Birdie said...

Reading this book has definitely brought back to me some very uncomfortable feelings concerning experiences I have had in the past with the church. I have felt very much like the victom of oppression as a female. I don't think I hold a grudge, but the feelings of anger and frustration seem to raise their heads periodically and I have to fight the urge to finger point and wallow. I may grunt about it and then eventually forget about it. As I said, reading this book brought it back up. I don't think that it is necessarily bad, but it is uncomfortable.

Sam said...

Ever since I heard the word Judgemental defined, I've wrestled with how big of a place it holds in my life. It's such a silent demon that tears away at people behind the guise of friendship, caring, good intentions, holiness, and so much more. This book is definitely working on me.