Monday, March 10, 2008

Tell the Truth

I don't know about you, but I was greatly impacted by the teaching of this weekend's gathering at New Hope. If the snow kept you away, you may want to check out the podcast.

So, I'm sitting at Panera's having a great turkey sandwich (I love their grilled pannini's). There is a family - Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Daughter sitting at the table next to me. It appeared that Grandma and Grandpa brought the little girl (who looks to be about 3 years old) to have lunch with the Mom before she has to return to work. As I'm sitting here, it is time for the Mom to go back to work. Rather than say goodbye and risk causing a scene, the Grandma says to the mom..."So you're going to the bathroom , ok, we'll see you when you get back from the bathroom..." (truth be told, she said "so you're going pee pee, ok we'll see you when you're done pee pee")..

OK, I knew the Mom wasn't going to the bathroom. The Mom knew she wasn't going to the bathroom, The Grandma knew it and the little girl CERTAINLY knew it. How interesting it is to me that rather than be truthful, and teach the little girl that goodbyes are part of life and that she will survive this goodbye, this family chose the easy way out. What do you think of that? Is it ok to be untruthful to a little girl? Just curious..

I think about what Paul spoke about yesterday. I am so thankful for how he shares truth with us, aren't you? We are living in this world where 'looking out for number one' is promoted as truth. But as followers of Christ, we recognize that Jesus Christ is truth. Jesus Christ calls us to live against the grain, to live in the society but not be driven by consumerism. He calls us to chose humility in a world where you are often defined by the power you wield. Interesting ..

What are some of the upside-down aspects of your walk with Jesus that you are noticing? How does knowing that Jesus is truth affect this week of your life?


Seeking More said...

I think that telling the truth and BEING the truth are 2 different things. Telling the truth seems obvious. In the case of the small child and her mom and grandparents, by NOT telling her the truth from the beginning, they are setting things up to be alot more difficult for her to deal with when that truth happends. And, by doing that to her, time and time again (I assume that it might be a pattern for them) they are setting her up to EXPECT that truth is not truth. Do you hink that will have any spiritual or personal growth ramifications?

Being the truth to someone is totally different. We can be the truth by just loving people. Talking to a lonely neighbor, giving a stranger a cup of coffee, stopping to help a stranded motorist. By being the truth, we show a glimps of Jesus to someone else. Maybe they don't even see it. Who knows.

I have been thinking about the last part of the message a lot lately. Being powerless. If we surrender what we feel is our power, to become powerless, we can also get a look at Truth. I feel, for me it is not so much a power thing. For me it is control. So, if I can control my life, I have the power over my life. LOL. Not so much. It is a struggle with me!

Anyways, enough rambling!

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