Monday, September 24, 2007

Play-doh as Spiritual Formation

New Hope kids did a couple really cool things during the gatherings this weekend.

Each of our Son City kids created with play-doh. The creations were then put on a tray and kids had the opportunity to guess what each one was. Sometimes it was obvious, sometimes not. Then each child had the opportunity to share about their created project. Noone knows more about a creation than the creator.

The kids experienced hands on how meaningful the connection is between creator and creation. We cannot truly know who we are without being connected to the One who loving created us.

The kids also had the chance to see an image of freedom in Christ as they released a group of live butterflies into the sky. Jeanne beautifully led the conversation that helped kids understand that is is Jesus who transforms us into beauty. Through Jesus we become who we are created to be.

Thanks to Jeanne and the rest of the Children's Ministry team for helping our kids find themselves in Jesus.

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