Friday, September 7, 2007

Baptism & the Family of God

I saw Shane Winston at the Fair on Monday. I can’t explain it, and it seems kind of goofy, but there is a new connection that exists after being at New Hope’s Baptism together on Sunday. He was dunked, I clapped and celebrated with him. Christ has made us brother and sister.

If you were part of the baptism gathering last weekend, you know what I’m talking about. It was beautiful. It was unifying. I LOVE being a part of a community like ours. We’re doing the dunking thing again during the weekend of October 13/14 – let us know if you want to do it.

This morning I’ve been thinking about people around the globe. I read a press release about Hurricane Felix and have begun to pray for our brothers and sisters who are TODAY experiencing the devastation.

See the words of Eliezel Soto, “to see at one time how insignificant we are in the face of the power of God’s creation fills me with humility, but at the same time, to see the power of God as He protects and cares for us is something that fills me with joy and love for Him.”

God is our God. Circumstances don’t change who he is. Circumstances give us the opportunity to understand Him at a deeper level.

God, we trust you. Teach us to trust you.

To those of you that are struggling TODAY (whether you are in the U.S. or Nicaragua), please know that there is a Great God who loves you supremely and a community of believers who supports you fully.

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