Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's all good

I don't know about you, but I am loving Summer at New Hope. Friday night was our picnic. I watched new friendships blossom. I watched people laugh together. I watched people share thoughts on ministry to kids in Chernobyl and ministry thoughts here at home. Very cool! We are fortunate to journey with each other. Thanks again to Angela Duskey and all the other volunteers that made it happen!

And if you haven't stopped in to see what's happening at VBS, you may want to check it out. There are a boatload of volunteers led by Beth Drennan, Amy Shipsky, and Amy McHenry. The kids are having a great time and are so engaged in all that is happening. The closing at the end of the night (around 8.05pm) is a great opportunity to see what they are learning about our God and how much he loves them. Melissa and Annie, YOU ROCK!

I am also looking forward to this weekend. We will share in a U2Charist (6pm Saturday) and serve our community on Sunday (details on the side wall in the Main Room).

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