Monday, June 4, 2007

Missional Approach

Have you ever been at Paneras as the buzzards are circling? You know, those times when it is so crowded that people just stand in the aisle waiting for a seat, any seat, YOUR seat.

What if instead of avoiding the eye contact..or getting slightly annoyed..or feeling rushed, we accepted this as God's work and took a missional approach? What if we even went so far as to invite someone to join us at the table? It's risky, I know. But wouldn't it be fun to see what God might do? Who knows what connections might happen?


Scott Couchenour said...

What a great idea! I like the idea on its own merits. But more than that, I like the life perspective. I wonder how many other places this kind of "engage others" mentality can be applied.

Don't know if it applies, but as I was getting gas last night, I was eating a DQ dilly bar from the box we just got with our coupon.

The guy pumping gas beside me jokingly asked me if I had another one. I said "I DO!" Without thinking, I asked Jennie to grab me another dilly bar and I gave it to him. The look on his face was priceless!!

It's not so much the actual act of engagement or kindness. It's more a lifestyle. A way of living that puts others first. According to Galatians 5:13, God intends for us to use our freedom to serve one another in love.

It's fun!

vic said...

I agree; it is fun.

I had lunch with a friend this week who shared with me about how she serves at the Rescue Mission on a regular basis. She said there is nothing better in the world than giving money, no stuff...nothing compares.

I think, like in your dilly bar example, the whole thing becomes a great adventure. How can I bless someone today? How can I add value to someone today? How can I have a positive impact (no matter how larger or small)?

Ultimately, how can the way I live, point others to the source (Jesus Christ) of true life?

Scott Couchenour said...

I used to thing intentionality had to do with me evangelistic efforts. More and more, I'm coming to realized intentionality must be with my relationship with Christ. He then puts me in situations to use me to draw others to Himself. If it's as silly as a dilly bar or as serious as a one-on-one heart to heart about following God.. doesn't matter to me.