Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The world is changing. Nothing like stating the obvious.

Here’s where I’m coming from. I’m 37 years old. When I was 12 years old, spending hours on the computer is just not something the average kid did. They were the days of basic cable, Atari, and Intelevision (I rock at baseball, just so you know).

You had to be a real computer geek to network your computers together with others and play war games (God bless all you who fit into that category). As I am writing this, my daughter is instant messaging several of her friends from school, dressing an online paper doll, and singing karaoke. She is the ultimate multi-tasker. Any one of you reading this could say, “when I was a kid we didn’t have __________, or we had to survive with ____________, or whatever… Like I said, the world is changing.

Changes in church life are happening as well. New Hope’s small group leaders had a great conversation this past Sunday about some of the trends that we’re seeing. Here is one of the things we talked about:

Formerly, evangelism was often seen as an event that you invite people to. More and more it seems that sharing Jesus with people is a process that occurs through relationship, trust and example.

We seem to be experiencing a freedom to share the love of Jesus through naturally developing friendships as we live with him 24/7/365. The compulsion to try to ‘get someone to our church’ is waning. What seems to be emerging is a desire to be real, have real friendships, and naturally share our lives with others. No hidden agenda – just love.

What do you think? What are you seeing?

BTW – Thanks to all the small group leaders for doing what you do. I appreciate each one of you!


On The Journey said...

I have been in church all my life. I went because that's what your supposed to do, isn't it? My background is Wesleyan Holiness. I encountered a lot of legalism. It is liberating to begin to grasp the realization that a relationship with Christ is freedom not bondage. I am so excited for the direction of New Hope. I really like what 24/7/365 as a lifestyle speaks of. We are all on a journey - one in which we must be willing to be real with each other. I am seeing this at New Hope! Thanks for keeping it "REAL" Vic!

Adona said...

Keeping it real is exactly right. i agree with on the journey. When we have the freedom to allow God to do his thing, We in turn can do ours on his be half. love ya A